Messy Church @ Horfield Methodist Church

Dear Messy Friends,

The summer is fast approaching, and we’ve been enjoying some lovely weather. Summer holidays are just a few weeks away, and I don’t think it’s just the children who are getting excited!

This month at Messy Church we’re going to be learning about John the Baptist. He lived in the desert, wearing camel hair clothes and eating locusts and honey. He told an important truth for people:

“His message was … ‘Change your life. God’s kingdom is here.’… People poured out of Jerusalem, Judea, and the Jordanian countryside to hear and see him in action. There at the Jordan River those who came to confess their sins were baptised into a changed life.”
(Matthew 3: 2-6, The Message)

John told people to say sorry for the bad things they had done, God would make them clean again, and to prepare themselves for the Messiah, Jesus. It’s the same for us today, if we are sorry and ask for forgiveness from God, we can be made clean, and we must get ready for Jesus to come to us.

Our next Messy Church is Saturday 8th July at 11 am. We will be playing a locust picnic game, finding our way through a desert maze, playing with the River Jordan (well, water anyway!) and painting beehives! This will then be followed by a time of worship where we will think about John’s story, and finding out that you can’t get to heaven on the back of a camel. We’ll share together in a yummy lunch of hot-dogs (veggie options available!) and roasted vegetables, with some cake for pudding!

We would love to see you all there!

Messy blessings

The Messy Church Team

Our Facebook page is here, Please join us and let us know what you’d like to do, see, eat and discuss at future Messy Church!

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