The Noise

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/The Noise 2016
The first high profile Noise weekend happened in 2001 with 30 volunteers. In May 2016, 860+ volunteers (aged 5 – 83 years old) were involved in serving the urban estates in North and East Bristol. In 2017, we continue to grow and work in South Bristol for the first time.


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Serving Community

The Noise is committed to serving in urban estate communities in Bristol.  This involved starting small with 30 volunteers working in Lockleaze in 2001, and then growing slowly and relationally over the last 10 or so years, to around 850 volunteers working in 8 different communities in North Bristol, and Barton Hill in East Bristol, in 2013. And in 2014,
The Noise is looking forward to expanding within East Bristol to work in the community of Easton.The Noise is committed to each specific community it works in, committed to working together with community members, workers, and organisations, and churches, to help meet real and local needs. 
The aim is that The Noise is not just about a weekend, but that projects that are worked on are sustainable with a longer term impact and benefits, and also that local people are empowered and encouraged to continue working together to benefit the whole community throughout the year.At the same time,
The Noise is committed to the city of Bristol as a whole.  The longer term vision is to keep growing and seeking opportunities to serve urban estate communities across the city, specifically by expanding the work in East Bristol, and also looking at working with communities in the south of the city.  At the same time The Noise holds on to its model of growing slowly and relationally, and being aware of its capacity both financially and structurally.
Building Unity
The Noise places a very high value on unity within and across ‘the church’.  Jesus himself prayed for this, that “they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them…” (John 17:23). 
The Noise is committed to this, to involving and engaging all types of people from all types of churches, and seeks to provide as many ways as possible for this to happen.  The Noise will continue to make the pursuit of unity on all levels a priority.
Encouraging Discipleship
The Noise is only possible because hundreds of people give their time and energy, and a lot more besides, to make it happen.  The Noise is committed to its volunteers in giving each person opportunities to work out what being a disciple of Jesus means and can look like, in a really practical way. 
The Noise aims to encourage each volunteer to love their ‘neighbour’ selflessly and extravagantly through their actions, and to be bold in expressing the why with their words.  The Noise strives to be a catalyst for a ‘sending out’ of individuals and local churches into the brokenness of people and communities in this city, fuelled by a passionate love for Jesus and for people, with a belief that a significant and lasting difference can, and will, be made.
The Noise will continue to pray that it (The Noise) will be guided and used by God in unexpected ways and above and beyond what we could even dare to begin to imagine.  And we pray that we will see more and more of His Kingdom coming, His will being done, here in Bristol as it is in heaven.See website for more details ‘The Noise’ this year!

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